Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Power of "Yes"

Margaret Wheatley, author of Finding Our Way: Leadership for an Uncertain Time and other books, believes that all social change begins with a conversation among a few people. She also believes that someone in that conversation must say "yes" we can do this.

After Jean Shinoda Bolen's visit to Columbus, the first two women I talked to about inviting women of the world to stand together on Mother's Day were Gail G. T. and Rebecca (Beck) A. Both are fabulous women who inspire me in so many ways. The question I asked them was whether this was too crazy to work. Both said, yes it is crazy, but just crazy enough to work. If they had not said "yes" we can do this, the idea would have ended with these two conversations.

We hope all of you will say "yes" we can do this. By standing together, we can all make a statement to the world, but most importantly to ourselves, that this is our world, this is our global family, and that we--not someone else--are responsible for our world and that we--not someone else--have the power to create the world about which we dream.

From this collective statement, we can be energized individually and collectively to create the world of our dreams.

Please say "yes" with us.


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Unknown said...

qI'm standing with my mom, my daughter and my son. We can all make a wwonderful world together.

Anonymous said...

I just read in a email about your action.This is very good. now, its actualy the 13., and not known before. but how to go on, I have some ideas. me too, I am looking for people who take selfresponsibility for the future.and I am a mother too. so I have a website www.guideschweiz.com, and on this site i have some ideas for protection of nature, and some helps for women and children. so I will write on my site about your action. and also in my blog. I am from switzerland, and I will try to build a goup of women for the better world. but I think its much more than standing we can do. standing is a good action to take attention,but then I think it is also important to say for what we are looking for, like it is written in the end of this paper from the woman from Ohio. I will translate this letter and put it on my site, tomorrow, because now,I have else to do.and then,as you also write, it is indead very important for what we give our money out, and if you have enough money to make investment, so look for social and good for nature investment. in switzerland for example, we have some labels, like max havelar. this is a foundation, and our big supermarkets are involved. this max havelar label buys the workers in the 3 world more money for their work, or there produkts. like rice, so they have enough to eat, and dont get more in trouble, because they have to sell it so cheep, they dont win anything, or with the bananas, there maxhavelar even give money from the win to build scools. or there are labels who are looking for fair pay and conditions for textil, cloths.its called fair trade. this I also will anonce on my website (its quit new, and I have a lot to do, and also I have to work otherwere, but it will grow. so if you have some ideas witch products are faire trade, if you have tipps what everybody can do, in normal life, so please send me your ideas, in englisch or in german. this is my mailadress:ferraribrigitta@yahoo.de

Anonymous said...

I stood in my yard in Custer, South Dakota at 1pm today, Mother's Day. I stood by myself but I knew I was not alone. At first I felt a connection to others in my time zone but then I realized I was part of a world-wide time zone wave of positive intentions. I pictured the whole-world doing the wave like in a sports stadium. Ha! It felt very fun and powerful. I didn't have a bell to ring at the end, but just when the five minutes ended a breeze blew the wind chimes in my yard and they rang for me.
I was born and raised in Ohio and I am proud of the women who took the initiative to send us all on this journey together. I thank all the women and men who stood with me in my time zone-your presence was felt.
Can we do this again? Can we invite all the father's to do it with us on Father's Day maybe?
Together we can make a difference! I believe in the power of positive intention.

Anonymous said...

bless you all. Without realizing it, I, too, have been standing, working, giving and praying, year in and year out, for this our earth, our world, our future and the future of our beloved children. ger at pegasus