Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Power of Technology

Once we decided to gather together the world's women, the next question became how we can do it. Of course, that answer was using technology.

Beck, one of the wonderful women who said "yes", also is a technology woman. She was sure we could do this with a website and a YouTube video. So, we embarked on this great venture--using the magic of technology to call together the women of the world.

Sapna S., another fabulously wonderful woman, quickly joined us and designed the beautiful website www.StandingWomen.org.

In early December we filmed the video that appears on YouTube. Again, Beck and Sapna guided us through the filming, and Beck edited and posted the video.

As soon as the website was ready to go, we began flooding the world with e-mail messages about StandingWomen.

The power of technology truly is amazing!!!! Without Beck and Sapna, none of this would have happened.


Katy said...

This is so cool Deb!
I am very energized by this, very very energized.

Anonymous said...

Can this be formatted to be "printer friendly"? I'd like to run it off and post flyers and send them off but the edges keep getting cut off. Maybe I am not '"techno savvy" enough tomake it happen as-is... Wonderful plan and intention!! Kate

marconimom said...

This is very cool, in that it is only because of these technological advances that this has so effectively spread beyond Ohio.

Along these lines, have you thought about mapping the 5/13 event, that is with those little pin indicators that you find on maps on google earth? If not, let's figure out a way to do it!